Three Piece Suit For Men In Fashion

Three piece suits have slowly paved way from nothingness to glory, and they are legalizing the fashion markets with their mark. So what makes a 3 piece suit a magnificent adornment? Well the logic goes on as follows, while wearing the three piece, you don't have to worry about the tuck in and tuck out of the shirt, and the classical American dream nurtures slim fit, whereas the Levis and the Raymond don't prefer the slims, it looks as if they are tailored for the fattest man in the room as an added bonus, all the two piece, have to worry about the portrayal of their belly, when they have to remove the outer coats at parties or functions, and that reminds me of a scene from Count of Monte Cristo, ready for a duel.

The immense sense of pleasure given by the wearing of three piece suit is unmatched, this in a sense hold the body in a firmer and an upright manner, and it happens to be the favorite for Bradley Cooper and Hickey Freeman.

Though it traditionally appears to be the most formal of all the formals, it simply went out of trend for a span of whooping twenty years after the Second World War, and after a heavy duel with the "casuals" and the minimalism, it has come back on the race with higher fanciful attires.


However the three piece suit needs some adherence, it always had to be worn with a tie of contrast color spread color shirt adds a spice to the mixture the spread color shirt sprays a look of professional innocence. Bottom button of the vest is never to be buttoned as it makes the settings as bland as possible. Vest should however be buttoned and the suit should never be buttoned.

This suit also demands a greater adherence to the footwear which in this case has to be nothing short of formals, Suede will not be of much avail, always go for wingtips or capote.

If you have a greater resistance to all the stares you might get while wearing these, then I sincerely suggest you to try it out with contrast hats, and not only that, choose the waistcoat in a pattern that is highly different from that of suit.


Cary Grant, Clark Gable, had something more than a distinguished 3 piece suit, and it was their looks, while this flavor of suit adds a royal touch to the wearer, mostly beneath the fa├žade, looks matter most, An awe inspiring look would go well with a folded hands, and a trimmed moustache.

This outfit gives a look of a Hollywood crazy punk, but believe me, the media is taking this persona seriously, be it Broadwalk Empire or the notorious Patrick Jane from Mentalist, even the Pop star Usher for that matter, the three piece suit is making a dashing comeback, and it shall soon change the wheels of fashion and be given in to greater productions and fabrications than ever before.